Car Parks


Car park line marking is essential for parking lots of public sites; such as restaurants, airports, railway stations, and shopping centres. Proper markings make parking more organised and give drivers clearer direction. No matter where you need linemarking services, you can count on us for reliable, excellent results.

Factories and warehouses

Factories & Warehouses

Our line marking solutions help achieve ease of traffic and pedestrian flow in and around factories and warehouses. Plus, they are critical for ensuring everyone’s safety, including workers and visitors. We can add a variety of markings including storage and cargo, hazard signs, vehicle bays, access routes, and more.


Do you have a retail shop, shopping centre, or other type of space that requires lines, markings and different forms of stencilling? We can help! We’ve assisted 100s of retail businesses across the Perth metro region by providing a high-quality service that meets Australian standards and regulations.



Traffic management and slip-resistant line markings protect not only your customers and pedestrians, but also your business. We provide line marking services to commercial facilities, including offices, retail stores, industrial premises, hotels, multi-family spaces, warehouses, supermarkets, factories, and more.

Why Do You Need Line Marking Services

Why Do You Need
Line Marking Services?

Line marking is the application of lines and stencils on roads, pavements, and other surfaces. These lines are necessary, particularly in public areas, to ensure people’s safety. They also serve as a guide so that pedestrians and drivers know where to go. Most of the time, these lines are required, depending on the facility you’re running. For instance, car parks and roads should follow strict rules and must comply with specific Australian standards.

Linemarking and Signs WA are a local Perth company that provides linemarking and signage services to meet your on-site requirements. We will make sure you have the surface line-marked in a timely and efficient manner.

Our range of line marking services include:

  • New line marking and stencilling
  • Remarking for faded lines
  • Car park line marking
  • Depot line marking
  • Tailored designs for offices and commercial businesses
  • Custom signage solutions (such as “No Standing”, “No entry”, and business logos)

Let’s talk about your linemarking plans. We’re the best at what we do, so we are always happy to do what we can to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. Our line marking specialists can meet you on-site. You can also contact us to get a quote based on your site plans.


Road Furniture

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops

We stock a range of traffic calming supplies, including wheel stops. Not only do we offer wheel stops, but we can also install them for you. These wheel stoppers “stop” vehicles from going beyond the parking lines or into walkways. Using them means that there is no need for other physical barriers to keep parked cars in place.

Speed bumps

Speed bumps

You can get speed bumps (also known as speed humps) in Perth here at Linemarking and Signs WA. These speed bumps are essential for safety near schools and narrow roads, as well as car parks and commercial settings. With a speed bump installed, drivers can pass by at the recommended speed to keep everyone safe.

Sign installation

Sign Installation

Our signage solutions complement your line marking projects in Western Australia. We can provide you with signs for safety, road or traffic rules, warnings, and other information. At Linemarking and Signs WA, you’ve found your one-stop-shop for all types of signage, including custom signs for your business.



New hotel carpark, Ascot

Bus station, Kwinana

Walkway at workshop, Redcliffe

Medical centre car park, South Perth

New hotel, Joondalup

Transport depot, Bibra Lake

Why Choose
Linemarking and Signs WA?

When you are looking for solutions to enhance public or commercial property safety, we’re here for you. Linemarking and Signs WA provide line marking services for Perth and nearby areas. We also offer various signage options that go well with your line marking project.

We’re your number one choice in Western Australia when choosing line marking services because:

  • We have a range of services, including line marking for schools, car parks, airports, warehouses, and retail properties. You can also purchase wheel stops from us, which we can install on your site. Our other services include coating new epoxy floors, custom sign-marking, speed bumps, and more.
  • We use specialised equipment to make the workflow smoother and quicker. The result you will get is exactly how you envisioned it to be.
  • Our team is professional and experienced in serving different clients with unique requirements.
  • We provide project management services. Our team always consults with the customer beforehand, ensuring that the scope and objectives of the project are clear.

When you engage Linemarking and Signs WA, you can count on us to deliver. We accommodate simple to complex projects, all with guaranteed high-quality results.

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I have worked with Kim from Line marking and Signs WA for over 5 years doing works on shopping centres, government utility depots, schools, aged care villages and high security areas. His works and his service are second to none, he always leaves sites clean, adheres to clients safety and general compliance requirements, tells you ahead of time if there has to be a change of plans and how best to fix it and is consistently pleasant, courteous and polite to all clients. Dealing with Linemarking and Signs WA has always been a smooth process from quote to sign off.
Faris S.