Road Furniture


We offer a range of quality road furniture accessories to improve the safety and accessibility of roads and carparks. These include:

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

Not only do we offer wheel stops, but we can also install them for you. These stop vehicles from going beyond the parking lines or into walkways. Using them means that there is no need for other physical barriers to keep parked cars in place.

Speed bumps

Speed Bumps

Speed humps are an important addition to any car park as they dramatically reduce the speed of vehicles. This deterrent significantly improves the safety of other drivers and pedestrians in the area.

Sign installation

Sign Installation

Our experienced team can provide and install a range of road signs for traffic and safety. Guarantee your workplace or commercial property meets the OH&S requirements by having proper road signage in the area.

Reflective pavement markers

Reflective Pavement Markers

Our pavement markers help improve public safety, making it easier for drivers and pedestrians to distinguish paths even under poor light or weather conditions. They are suitable for schools, shopping centres, car parks, and other commercial spaces.