Reflective Pavement Markers

Quality Reflective Pavement Markers in WA

Our reflective pavement markers supplement the existing pavement markers, including centreline and edge lines in commercial, industrial, and residential areas. They are an integral part of safety, especially for better visibility at night and inclement weather conditions.
Reflective pavement markers

Marking Pavements and Pathways for Improved Safety

Driving around at night or when it’s foggy can easily lead to accidents. Thankfully, reflective pavement markers were introduced and are now widely used all over the world. They are an improved version of non-reflective markers, allowing drivers and pedestrians to see their path clearly even in unfavourable conditions.

As people drive by, the markers reflect back at them to discern how to safely manoeuvre. Drivers who are new to the area may not know where to turn. With reflective markers, they are easily and conveniently guided, which helps prevent drifting out of lanes and more serious incidents.

Linemarking and Signs WA specialise in the application of reflective pavement markers for various industries. Factories, warehouses, car parks, schools, sporting facilities, and playgrounds are just some of the public spaces that require these markers. Construction sites, shopping centres, and retail stores also find these reflective markers incredibly useful for their entrance and exit areas.

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A Focus on Quality and Safety

Improve your facility’s safety by applying reflective pavement markers in your car park, construction site, lanes, or path edges. We work with you from start to finish to determine the best reflector colours for your property.



I have worked with Kim from Line marking and Signs WA for over 5 years doing works on shopping centres, government utility depots, schools, aged care villages and high security areas. His works and his service are second to none, he always leaves sites clean, adheres to clients safety and general compliance requirements, tells you ahead of time if there has to be a change of plans and how best to fix it and is consistently pleasant, courteous and polite to all clients. Dealing with Linemarking and Signs WA has always been a smooth process from quote to sign off.
Faris S.