Line Remarking: Is It Necessary and How Is It Done?

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Line markings have an important role in defining how a particular pathway goes. They indicate where to park, where you cannot park, where to slow down, and many others.

These lines may appear simple, but they are a vital feature for commercial and even residential properties. But as helpful as they are, they do not last forever. Because they endure a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, they deteriorate as time goes by. Naturally, these line markings become less visible, and that is when remarking lines is required.


The Purpose of Remarking Lines

When you go to a shopping centre, airport, school, or any other place, you rely on signage and road lines. It does not matter whether you have been there several times or it is your first visit. You always look for these signs and lines.

Due to their colour, size, and their placement, these lines are easy to see. Just a quick glance, and you can grasp the information you require. These lines, however, fade over time. They can appear broken or just difficult to discern. But suppose the property owner does not care about public safety or neglects to re-mark the fading lines. In that case, the area becomes hazardous, not only to motorists but to pedestrians, as well.

If you have a retail store, warehouse, or any commercial property, you should take line remarking as seriously as you would with line marking itself.


Industrial linemarking

Highly visible line marking is crucial in warehouses and other industrial and commercial settings.


Do you think that line remarking is one of those expenses you should not bother with? Both the initial line marking and remarking are both essential. The lines help with public safety while also guiding to drive appropriately at all times.

What about during the night time? Aside from ensuring that the area is brightly illuminated, line markings should also be visible in low light conditions. People rely on their presence, which is why you should not skimp on this feature. Depending on your business or the space where the line markings are, you can use these lines to give your customers and your staff vital pieces of information, including:

  • Lanes of buses and bicycles
  • Any upcoming or possible hazards
  • Speed limits
  • Separate traffic lanes
  • Lines indicating drivers need to give way
  • Other instructions for pedestrians

As a business owner, you should never take the details above for granted. Unreadable or missing lines can cause danger, which is why you should always check if the lines require remarking.


How is Line Remarking Done?

Refreshing lines is easy when you have a reliable firm that will take care of the process. Here at Linemarking and Signs WA, we share with you the basics of the line remarking process:

    1. Before proceeding to remark the lines on the pathway, preparation is crucial. In the initial step, it is significant to remove the old lines first. Believe it or not, line remarking does not involve just repainting the surface, and you are good to go. It is a thorough job, so do not let those contractors fool you into thinking you just need a repaint. Get your money’s worth by ensuring the old lines are removed first. The only exception is if the lines are still vibrant and only a tiny portion needs some retouching.
    2. Line removal can get tricky. Whenever we provide line marking services, we always intend for the lines to be permanent. Although they can become less visible as years go by, our lines are confirmed to be challenging to remove. We need to guarantee that line removal is done without damaging the pathway. After all, the goal with line marking and remarking is to ensure the paths are safe and easy to travel on. How are the lines removed? There are several ways to do so, including:
      • Burning is an effective method, but it can produce toxic fumes. Additionally, it can damage the surface of the pathway, which will then require more work and maintenance to fix. Because the fumes are dangerous, we do not recommend this method.
      • High-pressure water is a good approach for line marking removal. In this method, water jets are used to get rid of old line markings. Compared to burning, this one is safer and can remove any colour without damaging the road surface.
      • Grinding is another efficient way to remove old or unwanted lines. However, it must be carefully performed so as not to damage or ground out the pavement surface.
      • Surface scrubbing, which is a method similar to using high-pressure water jets. The premise is to clean and remove old lines, replacing them with new and more vibrant ones.
      • Repainting is often the least expensive. It is also fast, allowing you to use the area in just an hour or so.
        Painting over is different from repainting. Usually, painting over old lines is referred to as “blacking out”, where the surface is covered with paint similar to the pathway. As a result, pedestrians and drivers cannot see the lines. This method is chosen for those unwanted lines.
    3. After the previous lines are cleared out, it is time to re-mark the area. The process is the same with line marking. Whatever you need, from arrows to letters to distinct lines, they will be redrawn to make them all look brand new.

Always hire a professional line marking company like Linemarking and Signs WA for your line remarking needs. Whether it is for your car park, warehouse, commercial property, or home, we have years of experience. We start by making sure the surface is clean and ready for remarking before we start relining. That way, you get the most visible and vibrant lines and signs for clear instructions and safety that meet Australian Standards.


Who Will Benefit from Remarking Lines?

As far as workplaces go, car parks and warehouses are high-risk spaces. There are a number of things that employees and customers should be aware of. Amongst all the chaos, though, awareness is not always readily achieved. But with proper line markings, you do not have to keep reminding everyone what to do. They can follow the signs and lines so that the entire vicinity is safe, tidy, and productive.


Retail business

Retail businesses often use line marking in their car parks.


Do you require any line marking and re-marking services for your car park, playground, school zone, warehouse, or shopping centre? Contact Linemarking and Signs WA, the name you can trust that carries out significant line marking jobs to the highest of standards in Perth and WA.